Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ducky Did Rohrbach and Tinseltown

Puppy and I had date night and we went to see How to Train Your Dragon at Tinseltown in IMAX 3-D. The movie was great! We both loved it and it was really cool to see it in 3-D. I found the glasses a little uncomfortable but worth it. Afterwords we went to Rohrbach Brewing Company's restaurant. This is our second time at the restaurant and we will definitely be back. This time we went for some of the heavier fare. Puppy got the Nachos which she enjoyed and would order again. She also got the Inner Loop Onion Hoops. These were on the large size and the onion inside was not completely tender so we probably wont order them again. I ordered the Lager Battered Veggies which were awesome! I liked how small the veggies were and I loved the green beans and rutabaga. We would get this again but the portion size was generous so we would get it to share. My absolute favorite of the night was the Brew Spuds. They are potato wedges treated potato skin style. The other highlight of the night was the excellent service at the bar and at our table. This is the one thing that stuck out after both visits.

Finally, the beer, the whole reason this place exists! We got there late in the evening (8pm) and five of the beers were no longer available. I suggest that they have some way to post which beers were out because we (and others) had to keep asking. We got the sampler which is 4 smaller beers. We enjoyed the Vanilla Porter, Saison, Pinstripe Pilsner, and the Scotch Ale. My favorite was the Vanilla Porter and puppy liked the Scotch Ale.

If you go they do call-ahead seating which I recommend for the busy times. People just walking in had a 45-60 minute wait.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ducky Did Scott Miller

Dirty title FTW! Ok I didn't actually DO Scott we just got acquainted at his salon and day spa in Webster. I participated in their "Model" program and I got a free haircut from someone in training. If I didn't specifically set up the appointment as a model program appointment I would have never known the difference. I think they secretly slipped me a fully trained stylist because my hair came out great. The stylist listened to what I wanted, made some suggestions, and I am happy with the results. She showed me some of their products that I could purchase there but she didn't make me feel like I was a bad person for not purchasing any. The haircut was free so I gave a generous tip. In May I go back for highlights. The procedure is free you just pay for the hair color. I am excited.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ducky Loves Glee

So I love the TV show Glee. My dear friend got me the Glee Season 1 soundtrack Volume 1 and Volume 2 for my birthday and I have not stopped listening to them. They go to work and come home. I think my favorite song is Defying Gravity from the musical Wicked. I can not wait for the new season to start in April.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ducky Goes to the Vet

This duck pond has lots of furry four legged family members. 3 cats and 2 dogs to be exact. A lot of people in my life also have animals so this one is going out to you.

Let me say first why I am talking about this. A friend Lauren Wisser is a veterinarian in the Livingston county region. She has recently pursued one of her dreams of opening her own practice as a visiting vet. The need for this service makes so much sense to me. Our cat Barley is terrified of leaving the house, Haywagon turns from lover cat to demon spawn when he crosses the threshold of the vet's office, and Case is slow to trust new situations and very skittish. (Patch, however, thinks the vet visit is his time to parade around and visit his old friends) I also don't like rushing home from work to literally run around the house trapping cats to get the animals packed into crates and back out the door again in under 3.5 minutes. It never occurred to me but their routine health care could be delivered in the comfort of my own home while I am in my pajamas.

The other thing that is not fun to talk about is the event of needing emergency veterinarian services. What I can say is that having someone I know I can call that is available in this area is really a relief for me. Lauren is available for routine care and emergency services so her number is up on our fridge. Lauren is also available for phone consultation. Sometimes I freak out when something is wrong with one of the animals and it would help just to talk to someone about it to see if my panic is justified or not. Call her for her rates because I don't remember them exactly I can tell you that they are reasonable and even comparable to vet services at a brick and mortar location. I am so excited our region has this service. The contact info is as follows:

Genesee Valley Visiting Vet PLLC
Lauren Wisser D.V.M.
Web Site Link

Monday, March 15, 2010

Ducky Eats Wegmans Coco Pop Rice Cakes

Coco Pop Rice Cakes

I love these delicious 16 calorie cakes. They are available I know for sure at Pittsford, Canandaigua, and Calkins Road Wegmans. IIRC they are about 2.69 for a package of 15 cakes. I eat them a variety of ways but my favorites are serving it under Summer Fresh brand tzatziki dip. smeared with peanut butter, or melted cheese.

Another new product favorite is Miss Meringue's Vanilla Minis they are velvety smooth and delicately crunchy at the same time. You can have 13 cookies for only 110 calories. I find these in Wegmans by the bakery. I tried Wegmans brand vanilla meringue cookies and they were no where near the perfection of Miss' little treats.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ducky Eats Sushi

One of my favorite sushi restaurants is Shiki My usual order is the vegetable sushi lunch but I have also had the regular sushi lunch too. My favorite individual roll is the crispy roll. All the rawfish I have had there has been very fresh. Shiki also has the best salad dressing and miso soup in my opinion. The restaurant is very small so call for reservations if you are going on a weekend or another hot time. My only criticism is that the restaurant messed up a special order roll that we got for takeout, messed up enough that we couldn't eat it. We live a half an hour away so couldn't go in person to talk to them. We called and asked them to rectify the situation and the owner was not nice on the phone, told us we were out of luck, and hung up on us. We go there a lot so it was disappointing to be treated this way.

Second favorite is Fujiya I like their crispy roll less than Shiki's but there cheese harumaki is wonderful. Its quickly fried so that its crispy but not greasy and it has a sweet and sour sauce on the side. I do not like Fugiya's salad dressing although mother and brother duck like it very much. My favorite two rolls are more along the lines of bastardized sushi and that's because they are FRIED! But so good. I recommend the Fujiya roll and the fire California. Plan to share the rolls though they are tasty but on the heavy side. This place is good if you like some of the more nontraditional rolls.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Ducky tries to do this again

I was discouraged with the lack of readership but I decided I probably needed more content to support any form of readership so I am going to try posting again and not necessarily post for the attention.

Today Ducky went to Aladdins Restaurant

The food was great. I got the Vegetarian Appetizer Combo I chose the Baba, Spanikopita, Falafel and Tourlou (warmed up). It was served with pita, cucumber slices, and plum tomato slices. I was unimpressed with the service. It took 45 minutes for our order to be taken (we did have a larger party), one of the guests got hit in the head with her drink by the waiter, and they told us over the phone that we could bring in our own cake with us then yelled at us when we got it there. The food though is really unique and a healthy alternative in an area where I feel like the vegatarian and health options are lacking.